Our little baby is coming up on four months now and we’ve been enjoying a lot of new firsts.  Kira has started up day care at Holt ECC and she loves it.  Kira really enjoys tummy time and she likes to just hang out and watch all of the older babies.  She’s picking up a lot from them too.  She’s already trying to jump around in her jumperoo, she’s grasping toys and can pull them to her mouth, she can roll half way over and she’s trying to sit up.

My two favorite firsts so far are the goo-goo talking and the laughing.  The smiles she gets when she sees me in the morning are the perfect way to start any day.  I’m grateful to have such a beautiful, happy child and I love spending time with her.  She’ll try to hold conversations with me and sing along.  Mama discovered that she’s ticklish and we’ve discovered a variety of ways to get her to laugh for us.  She’s so adorable!

Kira in day care also means that Chris is back to work.  Her role has changed a bit but she’s been getting back into the swing of things.  All of these changes mean we’re as busy as ever but at least we now have some regularity to our schedule.  Bed times are regular and Kira sleeps really well so we’re not always walking zombies any more.

What this regularity gives us is the ability to coordinate our free time.  I’ve been able to work on some home projects such as putting in a fire ring (check out the first of two glorious Memorial Day bonfires we had), helping cut down and cut up a handful of trees in the yard, start building a water fountain for the pond, and other more regular lawn maintenance (oh yeah, we have a brand new bright green riding mower now!).

We also planned a Memorial Day LAN party over the three day weekend.  We had a great time with friends evening though we both still had our hands full for a lot of the time but it was fun to play a few games, sit around a fire, and eat a lot of junk food.  Chris’ sister spent the weekend with us too and spent a lot of time with her new niece.  She did great with Kira, she wasn’t shy or unsure of what to do with the little girl at all.

She is Still a Big Baby Big but Happy A Lesson in Gaming Shoulder Ride from Aunt Kelcy

Chris and I have also started playing kickball in a work league.  We won our first game 4-1.  I’ll see if I can get some pictures to share.  I’m diligently working on Product Rally too and if anyone’s following both this blog and the blog for this new endeavor you can expect some new info soon.  Finally, I’m really jonesing to get back into brewing.  Hopefully once I get the pond fountain running I can clean all of the equipment and get a batch going.