Instead of our usual four-day trip to Indianapolis for the sole purpose of soaking in as much Gen Con as possible, we decided to rent a house and spend a whole week in Indianapolis. The first half of the week was focused on doing a variety of family-oriented touristy things. The second half: Gen Con.

Indianapolis Fun

When I say the first half of the week was family-oriented, I actually mean we picked day-trips based on what we thought Kira would have fun doing (i.e. no brewery tour for daddy this year). We had some general ideas, mostly based on things that we do with Kira around Lansing, but really we just ended up winging it and it worked out great.

Day 1: Mini Indoor Waterpark Day 2: Watching Trains Day 3: Watching Dolphins

On the first day we went to a mini indoor waterpark that seemed to be part of some nearby middle school. There was a big water slide and a small waterslide, some splash pad-style fountains, and wading areas shallow enough for Kira to walk around. Kira went down the small waterslide a few times. The first time she loved it. All other times… not so much. She was a big fan of just splashing and wading around the water though.

The second day was spent trying to put a dent in the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. This. Place. Is. HUGE. As it turns out, it’s the largest children’s museum in the world! We walked this place all day and just barely felt like we covered about half of the exhibits. Practically everything was interactive. I also took a time lapse video of a rotating bench beneath a monolithic Chihuly glass structure called Fireworks of Glass.

The whole week was uncomfortably hot and humid, but the third day was probably the worst. And go figure, this is the day we chose to spend the most time outside: walking around the Indianapolis Zoo. We made it maybe two-thirds of the way around the zoo before admitting defeat to the heat despite choosing a route through the zoo that put us inside as much as possible. Kira loved the dolphin show.

Gen Con 2015

Anyone reading this probably knows I’m obsessed with board games and that Chris also shares that deep love. This year we went all out.

We picked up a new game named Animal Upon Animal for Kira. It’s a pretty cute game that requires a considerable amount of dexterity and hand-eye coordination. The Here We Turn! variant that we bought will also grow in difficulty by requiring the stacked animals to be rotated on a fake log. Chris tried the game out with Kira the night we bought it and she quickly demonstrated some thinking outside the box by pointing out that it’s easier to stack the wood animals if you just lay them all on their sides.

Most of our time during the day was spent wandering the exhibit hall. Imagine two football fields full of board game and all manner of other geek vendors packed in real close. It takes time to check it all out and check out the gallery below to see just how many miles of walking we put it!

Our last day at Gen Con was when we did our cosplay with our friends. We all dressed up as the Mane Six My Little Pony characters and Kira went as Spike, our baby dragon sidekick. At the end of the day we cut a rug at The Shakeups in Ponyville.

Thinking outside the blocks Cosplaying as My Little Ponies Did lots of walking Bought lots of games!

Oh, and we bought a lot of games too.