I blink and a week goes by.  It’s hard to believe how quickly the past month has come and gone.  A lot has been accomplished in that period of time though!

This past month has been full of firsts for Kira.  Probably the most amazing one, as you’ll see in the gallery below, is that she learned to drive!  I had to help with the pedals but she stood up on my lap and grabbed the wheel at ten and two like she knew what she was doing.  That attitude is pretty awesome but it’s probably going to make me go gray really quick.

After driving around the parking lot of a local grocer for a while, she decided to step it back a little bit.  Clearly she has the standing and grasping down; she can and will bring pretty much anything she can get her little hands on to her mouth.  She is a pro at rolling all over and spinning in circles when on her tummy.  She has just recently started pushing herself up onto all fours too but she doesn’t know what to do after that so she’s still fairly stationary for the time being.

Over the Fourth of July weekend we hopped on a train to Chicago with my little sis and spent most of our time walking around downtown and Millenium Park.  The train ride, all of the people, the cars, being outside all of the time, the swimming pool in the hotel, the shopping (Legos!)… Kira loved it all.  The only thing she didn’t like was sitting around in a museum impatiently while we tried to learn about the most complete set of T. Rex fossils and Native American history and culture.  So we bailed on the museum shortly after getting in but we made the best of our time while we were inside.

Wall of Lego A T.Rex Named Sue

During the hour long walk to the train station from the hotel Kira gnawed on my thumb and I actually felt her first tooth start to cut.  When this happened that little girl became more unhappy than any other moment in her life.  The train ride home was less than pleasant.  We had a number of moms come over and try to help us out, and while many of them incorrectly thought it was (her tummy | her temperature | gas | sleepiness), the sympathy we received was reassuring and got us through the trip.

Kira has two teeth poking through right now and we have started introducing her to fruit juices and purees.  She gets the funniest faces when she tries the fruits but most of the time she ends up grabbing the fruit and mashing it into her mouth as if she wants more.  One big exception is cherries.  Kiras do NOT like cherries!

It’s crazy to think that most of these “firsts” have happened before she was five months old.  Some of them seem a little advanced for her age but our friend who delivered Kira has said since before she was born that she would be an overachiever.  Very true so far.  Kira continues to be off the charts in height and weight and nearly so in head size.  At her four-month doctor visit for example, this “little” girl was 27” long and weighed 20 pounds and 4 ounces!

Kira Learns to Drive Kira No Like Cherry! Red, White, and Blue Family In a Train to Chicago I Love This Dress! Look Ma! I'm Swingin' On My Own!

In other news, I have been making a lot of headway on my side project, Product Rally.  More specifically, I have been working on the much smaller pilot effort that I am calling Writer Rally Lansing.  I have over a dozen recruits that will be attending and we are going to write a book!  In a weekend!  I have created a MailChimp mailing list and have been writing weekly newsletters to broadcast all of the research, tips, and polls that I have been putting together.  I have a couple of ideas for stories to write too and have been researching and taking notes on those.  I hope everyone who is participating is as pumped as I am to try this out!

Chris has been doing a lot of planning and organizing of various wedding related events.  We recently held a couples’ shower at our house where she put together a series of really clever couples games including a crossword (even with Googling allowed it took everyone a while to complete), poems, a hilarious mad lib story about the engaged couple, and some paper art.  She probably won’t know what to do with her time once the wedding is over.

Shortly after the wedding though, we will be taking Kira to her first con!  We’re going to raise this baby right and let her know that it’s okay to play games and be a geek well into adulthood.  The only downside so far is that we haven’t had time to make an outfit for her to introduce her to cosplay.  Next year though, next year.