Kira has hit the eight month mark and is picking up all sorts of new tricks.  She was crawling around at full speed by seven months and it only took a week or two beyond that before she started pulling herself up to stand.  She has started cruising along coffee tables, couches, and walls.  She has also been trying really hard to say any word that she can piece together with just “ba” and “da” syllables (there aren’t many, but she comes really close with “birthday”).

Walking With Assistance Swinging in the Front Yard

Chris had a week-long business trip to Washington.  It was a long week for Kira and me but we made the best of it.  I spent the whole time flicking my finger up and down over her lips to get her to make a “pbbb” sound.  This smart little girl had it down by the time Chris got back so we got to show off the first time Kira learned something from being taught instead of just observing and figuring it out on her own.

Our little girl has also been eating a wider variety of food too.  There are some really convenient products out there to make feeding an infant worlds easier.  The pouches of fruit and veggie purée already have a leg up on glass jars, but throw in a dishwasher-safe screw-on spoon and dinner suddenly transforms from an inevitable foodsplosion to a nice, tidy meal that lets Mommy and Daddy eat their meals at the same time.  We have also picked up a couple of hollow mesh pacifiers that we can put fruit into so Kira can suck on the natural fruit juices.  She especially likes that because she gets to feed herself and we like it because it’s good for her fine motor skills.  Oh, and they also allow Mom and Dad to enjoy their meals while keeping Kira preoccupied.

In August we took Kira to her first convention.  Not only that, it was my personal favorite convention: GenCon.  A friend of ours made costumes for Chris and Kira so they both got bonus participation points.  And although Kira is quite the social girl, we did discover that being around hundreds of people at once is just a little overwhelming for her right now.  We did take advantage of the Sitters to the Rescue room though so Chris and I did get some time to explore the con by ourselves too.  All in all, we walked away with seven new games and some priceless pictures and moments with our baby girl.

Loves Helping with Chores! A Warm Wedding Ahri and Baby Lulu Happy Little Water Bug She's a Fan of the Lions

Kira is still a healthy baby in every respect.  At her seven month doctor appointment she was 29” tall and just shy of 23 pounds.  She’s as big as most of the one year olds at daycare and she tries really hard to keep up with them when she gets the opportunity.

I think I’ll keep this post short and focused on the family.  There’s a lot more news that I’ve been meaning to share but it deserves its own post.  Hopefully I can crank out posts a little faster once the fall yard work starts settling down.

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