My how time flies. It’s hard to believe that Kira will be two years old next month. She’s already so big and capable of doing so many things!

She is excelling at language. Some of her caretakers say she is talking as well as the three year olds. She’s doing twelve piece puzzles, she is a pro at Perfection, and with 2015 we’re including her in our weekly board game nights. This week was the first and we played Gooey Louie.

I think a big motivator for speaking is her desire to sing. She knows a LOT of songs and it’s adorable to watch her sing not just children songs or Disney songs but pop songs too.

Kira has learned so much in the past year that I couldn’t possibly list it all out. Her personality is endless, she’s funny, and she is extraordinarily well-behaved. Of course there is the occasional tantrum but when they happen they are usually indicative of her being tired or hungry more than anything else.

Christmas ain't over yet! Happy First Birthday! Blue markers don't taste like blueberries... Lumberjack training begins Please, no autographs Real food is the best! Stick clean-up continues Second ever GenCon! First ever Ren Fest! This is her favorite outdoor toy Let the indoor activities begin! What a cute wittle elf

I’m truly proud of this tiny person and it’s unbelievable how much joy she brings to our family.


Last year Chris was an all-star at work. With a team of six developers and QA she lead the rewrite of the ProducerEDGE product. In six months. That’s the second new product launch our office has had within as many years. Now she is the business analyst for three teams and is the interim web developer for

Chris cosplaying as Morgana from League of Legends

Beyond work and family Chris also poured herself into making an amazing Morgana costume to cosplay at GenCon last year. She does the occasional Painting With a Twist to exercise the right side of her brain too.

Me (Erik)

Last year I switched to part-time employee at Vertafore and am still working closely with Chris on new projects. We’ve joked that it’s good counseling because we get to constantly practice discussing and debating and can walk away from it at 5:00.

The rest of my work week in the second half of 2014 was dedicated to technical writing on my company blog (which is sometimes backed by small coding projects) and scoping out the startup scene right here in Lansing, MI. I had a #1 article on the Programming sub-Reddit and have received some good feedback from fairly well-known developers about some of my other material too.

This is what wrapping 30+ presents in one go does to me.

What Now?

Hopefully my next post isn’t a year from now. It’s another busy year ahead of us but this is a much different creative outlet for my writing so I’m going to attempt to rededicate myself to keeping this site up to date.

Time will tell how firmly my ambitions hold.