Today is my last day at Vertafore. I’m both excited and terrified as hell.

I started my business, Technical Rex, in 2007 with the goal of building great software that the world needs (or just really, really wants). To start bootstrapping my efforts, I also did contract software development.

I got my contract with Vertafore in 2008 and they were fabulous enough to renew my contract for six years. I guess they liked me. It gets better though. Over that period of time I realized that being so fully dedicated to one business was making it difficult for me to build my own. Fortunately, Vertafore being the considerate company they are, hired me on as a part-time employee. This allowed me to spend one day each week wholly on my own business and the results have been great!

Over the past year and a half I have been developing the idea for Giving Jar, a gateway to easier charitable giving online. I have also been learning, writing, and generally gearing up for the day when I could work on my own software full time.

Monday will be that day.

Chris and I have been saving up and we’re confident I can take a year to build and promote Giving Jar. The opportunity is exciting because it’s exactly where I want to take my career, but it’s also nerve-wracking because it’s a lot of responsibility, most of what I’ll be doing is new and outside of my wheelhouse, and it’s downright risky.

I’m pumped! I’m also super grateful for all of the help my family, friends, and Vertafore as a whole have given me to get me to this point.

As I venture down this new path, be sure to follow my usual spamming points. Namely, Twitter, Facebook, and the Technical Rex Blog.

And of course, wish me luck!