Here’s another throwback to the art class that Chris and I took last fall.  For this homework assignment we were asked to find some fallen leaves and sketch them in pencil, paying as close attention as possible to the shading.  I chose a small cluster of tulip tree leaves from our yard.  Until living on Harding Avenue, I had never even heard of a tulip tree.

By the time we were given this art assignment, Chris was pregnant with Kira and we were well on our way to finding a new home in which to start our family.  There’s a little bit of sentimental value to this drawing as such because while living in the house I developed a love-hate relationship with that tree.  On the one hand, it shed constantly on the deck, yard, and gutters, but on the other hand, it was a very pretty and unique tree that shaded the deck quite nicely in the summer.

Tulips Grow on Trees?

Most of the attempts I made at recreating images on paper were done in pencil and looked terrible.  It only took a little bit of advice and a week to produce something that I’m quite proud of.  I don’t think reproducing images of nature is quite where my interest in art lies but I’ll probably try something like this again in the future.