About Us

I created this blog to act as a creative outlet for me and my wife as well as a peek into our personal and professional lives.

We each have a number of hobbies and while all of those hobbies do not overlap between the two of us, one thing we have in common across our interests is that we like to share. Whether it’s bringing in the results of our latest cooking experiment, introducing friends and family to new games, or just chatting up a coworker or friend about our latest dream or idea, we like sharing with others the things that make us happy.

My wife (Chris) and I (Erik, nice to meet you) are technology fiends and tabletop game hounds. We both like to read, cook, and play video games as well. And while there is a lot of overlap in what we like, our tastes do vary amongst our hobbies.

Don’t be surprised if you see something in here about our families or personal lives. Those are also important to us and we have a lot of friends and family who don’t live anywhere near us so we might start sharing here to make it easier for us to stay in touch with the people we love. This has become especially true since the birth of our daughter, Kira.

Moving our joy of sharing to the web has been way overdue, but here we are. Poke around, hopefully you’ll find something interesting or inspiring. Or maybe you can share some of your own ideas.  We like hearing from others too!

More about Erik

I’m a software engineer and do mostly web development and I’m very involved in education (helping kids and adults to code). My other hobbies and interests include homebrewing, experimental cooking, movies, retro video games, reading, board gaming, and more board gaming.

More about Chris

Whether it’s reading one or creating one, Chris really likes story-telling. This makes her a great dungeon master! She’s also into drawing and art and likes combining the drawing with the story-telling. She admits that some of her other hobbies are somewhat neglected. She plays sports and the upright bass when she gets a free moment. By day, Chris’ job doesn’t translate well into her hobbies. She works in marketing at Vertafore, Inc. and does a lot of traveling, mostly within the continental United States.